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– We’re the providers of user-generated content that is found on other sites and that we don’t take responsability for.

– vs.vsairnav.ru does not store any files on its server. Our site only indexes content provided by other sites.
This site doesn’t sell any type of content and we don’t take responsability for content that was gathered for free from other websites.

– The procedure of gathering files includes other websites which implies that we do not take responsability regarding the content of these files. This includes: stories, game characters, plot and all actions happening within the games.
– We reserve the right to not monitor the content that is gathered on this website and we reserve the right to not open and check all the files from our website.

– The game developers take full responsability for the content inside the games. We don’t tolerate, under any circumstances, content that includes minors or stories including child abuse.
We don’t take responsability for the actions of users on our website.


– By using our site you agree that you are over 18 years old or over 21 years old, depending on the legal statements from your country.

– By using our website you agree not to share content that other users might find violent, abusive, defamatory, hateful, spam or offensive.

– You agree not to share personal data that involves other people and respect the privacy of others.

– If you registered your personal data on the website and want it to be deleted, please contact us.


– The extra services offered by us don’t include a different content from the one that can be found for free on our website.

– vs.vsairnav.ru offers extra services that include support, reviews, faster download links for the same free content. These can only be accessed through Patreon.

vs.vsairnav.ru doesn’t sell any games or any kind of content.

– If you do not agree with these TOS, please stop using this service and close the website.
These terms of service can be changed any time, without notice.


– We’ve always supported adult game developers because they’re the essence of this engine that is constantly working – and we’re like the oil that help it run smoothly.

– We have to start by saying that we always respected and we always will respect game developers and we support a few of them on Paetron.

– All the games that were found for free on the internet are available on our website as well. To continue, we have to mention that all the games found on our website are free by default, as found on the web. Of course, we also have a faster download option and support through text, video tutorials, game reviews – for installation problems or errors that we test on our desk and for our patreons.

– We don’t force anyone to pledge us on Patreon and, of course, all these games can also be downloaded for free. — We have to mention that we’re not developers, and, as TOS state, we only gather content from other sites. Our website doesn’t require any charge for downloading games.
– You can find the same content for free, as well as premium. The difference is that the premium options include our own work – the one which users support. We respect the work of developers who share their games for free and we, as well, share it like that.

We have a help-desk created especially for our patreons, where we help them solve any kind of game-related problems.

– Are you a game developer? We want to show our support and, besides promoting your game, we want to promote your Patreon as well!
– A few developers actually send us their games in order to promote them, but some of our sources don’t mention the game developer. That’s the reason why we don’t mention it in some of the games. Let us know the name of your game and your Patreon url and we’ll make sure it appears on our website from now on.

If you want your game to be deleted from the website, please click here and fill out the form:

If you have any doubts or questions about our website`s policy, please consult our TOS.


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