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Version: Final
Genre: Adult Game, Yrdf Strangers, Adult Game 3d, Big tits, Mother, Milf, Son, All sex, Oral, Sister, Home porn
Category: Adult Sex Games
Platform: PC / Windows
Censorship: No
Language: English


You play as a young boy whose family has just moved to a strange house out in the country. Can you survive with your sanity intact?​


Talk with Milf – She will leave
Grab the Charger from the Car door
Go Left and grab a beer from under the car
Go Inside the house and into the bedroom corridor
Talk with the Right Door – Alternatively you can follow the milf when she leaves and you will see her going in there –
Go Back to the living room and put the Beer into the Vase
Go into your bedroom (Left door in corridor) and Use Bed. Billy will sleep and scene should fade in/out

The clock time should change in the corridor
Go the the living room and grab the beer from inside the vase. It should be cold now
Go to the kitchen and grab the teeth. They are above the fridge , you may need to click the Space Bar to hide the Inventory interface to see them
Head outside and go where the dad is behind the pool. Near the Bar-B-Que , grab the coal on the floor
Talk with Dad
Give him the Beer and he will give you a key
Go back where the car is and you grabbed the Beer. The brother should be there. Talk to him
Return to the mom’s door and talk with her. She will tell you to stay away from the Barn.
Go the the barn and try to unlock the door. Billy will tell you that someone is coming.
Head to the far right of the screen and keep going until Billy tells you that that is a good place to play hide and go seek.
Wait there until Milf and Bro arrive. Once they go inside , grab the parchment from the floor (middle of screen) and head in the barn
Watch the Scene. Click Yes to everything.

Go back in the barn and grab the USB cable from the floor. Go further Left into the barn and grab the piece of paper near the truck tire
Go where the dad is – Watch scene –
Go inside the house and talk with Gina
Go into the corridor and unlock the door with the Key that dad gave you when you gave him the beer. Go in the room and grab a piece of paper that is under the bed
Go outside and try to talk to mom and dad. They will tell you to leave them alone.
Head back into the house and in the bathroom. Use the window to overhear what they are saying
Head to your bedroom where the milf is waiting. Talk to her and watch scene

Go outside and dad will be standing near the luggage
Talk to him
Go to the living room and search under the couch. Gina’s phone should be there. Take it
Combine (drag and drop) the USB cable with the Charger
Combine Phone with USBcable+Charger to charge the phone
Go outside and give Charged phone to Dad. He will give you your bedroom Key
Go back into (inside) your bedroom and lock the door using the Key that dad gave you. Be sure to use the Key on the lock (not on the door)
Use the bed
Once Billy wakes up – Unlock the door with the Key- and head outside
Time on Clock should change again
Go where the car/barn is. Use your Wallet to get Condom
Use Condom on Switches so you will not get electrocuted and Turn on the Main Switch
Billy will say that he lost he key
Head Back into your bedroom and Sleep again
Watch Scene

Next morning , head for behind the Barn. Bro is waiting for you there
Talk with him
Combine Charcoal with Parchment and you will get another another. Use that new one with Bro and he will take it and give you another. You should have 4 pieces of paper now.
Combine the 1st with the 4th so Billy can join them together.
Head for the forest and Billy will tell you that he needs a map
Head again and this time he will enter the forest
Once in the forest , VIEW (eye) the joined 4 pieces. There should be a corner (arrow) that is glowing. If you do not see it then it is probably the top part, click Space Bar to view without Inventory so it can be visible. Each Glowing arrow reflects which path you should take from where you are. Follow the map to go to the next location and Use it again from that next new location. You must do this 4 times to get to the cave. If you make a mistake then Billy will appear back at the Barn. Each time the path changes so you will have to always use the map
Once at the cave , head inside
Watch Scene

Head towards the Car and use Keys on Car
Billy will go at the clinic
Watch Windows
Go inside
Talk with Receptionist
Use dirty Teeth on her. She wont accept them
Use dirty Teeth on water fountain and Billy will clean them. Use Clean Teeth on her and she will play a tune
The Tune is the 4 number password to enter the Examination Room
The code for the room is 4-X-4-Y where X is either a 3-5-6 and X is either 1-2-7. Always click on the White Reset button and try the codes until you get the correct one. Alternatively you can try to guess the number by the tunes but this puzzle turned out to be really hard on our part
Once you unlock the door head inside

Good Ending :
Grab painting from left wall
Grab Plant from Right wall. Billy will find scissors
Go into the bathroom and Grab Toilet paper
Use coal on Toilet Paper
Use Scissors on Painting
Use Black Paper on cut Painting to get fake Pistol
Use Fake Pistol on Door (twice)
Watch Scene – Video

Bad Ending:
Grab Plant from Right Wall. Billy will find scissors
Use Scissors (twice) on Door
Watch Scene





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