Hello my fellow wickedly wonderful gamers, I think you missed me… if not, I’ll never tell.

I’m back again with a really rather interesting take on a visual novel game I just finished. It’s not actually done yet, of course.

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These games are more bits and bites than the whole brownie at once. Nature of the beast, you know. At any rate the game is delightful. By the name and synopsis one might expect things to get rather… complicated. Very quickly.

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In a truly pleasant turn of events, or maybe it was just how I played and who I am in choices I made therein, there were no long-standing consequences. Hence the joke in the title.

Now, maybe I’ve become a bit jaded but I have been rather used to carefully balancing my responses if I like more than one girl in a game. Deciding which I favor more and what I want out of the relationship.

Triangle - 3D Porn Game Review XXX Game

The reason this game should stand out is simple. It really IS NOT dark souls. Hallelujah! You start the game as a fairly blank slate with an absolute knock-out who is yours. Straight off. Slight intended complication, she has a bestie who goes and makes her daughter the next harry potter.

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Well, little orphan Annie if you will. At one point a strap on is involved, but she’s still not quite got the right equipment for the analogy, and I digress… anyway, you get a live-in room mate. Half her age and decently cute.
Differentiating right off the bat physically, but the contrast absolutely works unless you’re truly stuck to a body type. Both are gorgeous, if the younger girl is a bit uncanny valley in the eyes. I forgive it, because the rest of the artwork is that well done.

At any rate, the game does point out that there will be twists because of this, but it does not really give you pitfalls like some other ‘dating sim’ style games.
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All jokes aside It is an equilateral triangle. one even on all sides, and it knows that from the start. Something I will say about that approach is I am not sure you CAN intentionally fuck the dynamic up if you want one girl particularly.

Since money is not currently a problem as it’s basically a read/choose/win game, that’s not really a bad thing.

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You can get two girls. Your first is into it, and the second one is as well. I will state that one character is openly Bi, that’s why this works, but it should be clear stated that the female in question does have preference for the male. It isn’t in game, though there is a proposal.

I myself do get a bit jealous of the play together when the male isn’t involved and I do worry that it will fuck things in the future… but that is also the brilliant mechanic in the game. That said, most Bi people do have a preference they will state. Many aren’t actually into open relationships either.

Triangle - 3D Porn Game Review French kiss between two girls
For the “male fantasy” aspect, it’s well enough done that they do in this game. Same token, I don’t know that it’s really a fantasy.

Most guys and girls I think if they thought about it, would harbor some at least unspoken worry. No one wants to be dumped, and most especially not for the opposite gender.

Currently, I think it’s very, very difficult to actually get one of them not to like you. Which is beautiful for perfectionists like me.

You can accidentally get one pregnant, but there is a twist in words with the doctor that makes me think in future versions it might come out that Tipsy Doodle ended up having a bit too much one night and well, opps.

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That could be a way to raise an interesting conflict, or break the relationship but it’s also pure speculation. As far as in story goes, it’s assumed that the baby is yours.

You can actively have the second younger female be certain she doesn’t want to use birth control and get them both pregnant. It’s not in the current version stated that she is, but you can try and she will really want that.

Even young as she is. Which again, is openly accepted by both females, once they realize she wants that. A LOT. She gets heart-warmingly eager, actually. Which is a refreshing change of pace. The elder is blind-sided when you confess about the other girl you live with, but she does eventually accept.

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Which if you came inside of her at any point I believe, means she’s pregnant and she handles it more realistically but also with a tenderness to build that is quite enchanting.

That said, you don’t have to choose to look at the younger one. You don’t have to choose to breed either.

I am not sure of the outcomes there as I deeply enjoy the idea of conception for a turn on. Having both women clearly state they love and want to stay with you, and even have your babies is basically a heavenly dream to me.

About as likely to happen in reality as finding a unicorn, since they do like virgins you know. On that topic, it was nice to have a duo of women not make me feel at any real point in the story that I had to compete with another male for their attentions. Even by implication.
The younger one does go on a date, but this is an author who understands that the token hero is the player’s vehicle into the story.

Triangle - 3D Porn Game Review Brunette Adventure

As far as the NTR goes, it’s not there. You are openly allowed to get into a relationship with both. If you choose to. For players that don’t like that genre, or are only lightly interested in outcomes with that possibility, it’s a great piece of care taken with the writing.

Even when he’s feeling guilty and she’s feeling horrid – in part because again, opps – he’s never stated to be the bad guy. She doesn’t demonize him. I simply cannot express how beautiful that is.

By all accounts, if played right I think the game might let you keep both. Forever, as both say that’s what they wanted. In my game. I don’t know if I just happen to have magics in games that I definitely don’t in real life, but this story truly does make a person with such interests and time to invest in the mass amount of reading, feel like they’ve won the lottery.

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You start in working at a bank, and I can see problems in the job affecting at least your lawyer/original girlfriend’s acceptance of you as her man. However, it’s not there yet. I think it’s actually just filler screens to marked passed time. In closing, if I was truly honest as I think by know you all realize I prefer to be, this game was a diamond in the rough.

Triangle - 3D Porn Game Review anal sex scene

I got taken for a ride in expectations, and that’s not always a bad thing. By far. I’d come to it cautiously, but the relationships are truly spectacularly handled in writing. The sexual scenes are not that long as most will probably skip dialogue, but they are very attractive.

If I had a set of golf clubs, I would clap. Slowly and with very dignified respect to the developer of this game.

Straight up, if a little kink is okay by you, or you like your walk on the wild side invested light of heart, this is the game for you player.

Until next time have fun.

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